RE: On low milk consumption and brain wasting diseases

This is a bunch of baloney paid for by the dairy industry. Every person who has ever gotten Alzheimers, or dementia of some kind, drank milk. We don’t need to be scolded for not drinking our government recommended 3 glasses per day in order to keep the dairy industry in business. “Unfortunately, few adults meet the U.S. Department of Agricultures 3-cup recommendation for daily dairy intake”, Choi says.

We also don’t need scare tactics by these agencies telling us all we’re probably going to lose our cognitive function if we don’t comply.

“But, come breakfast time, drinking a glass of milk is a perfect place to start.” It sounds like an advertisement! It doesn’t matter that they use the words ‘possibly’ and ‘potential’ to preface their claims. It’s already out and it sounds all official.

PCI (progressive cognitive impairment) has nothing to do with not drinking milk. Again, all old people drink milk. They always drank milk. They drank milk as kids, as young adults and as middle adults. Frankly, I’m shocked that anybody would publish the results of a one week study. The dairy industry is worried that these old folks’ grandkids and great grandkids won’t drink milk. Well Nana drank it and she lost her mind!!

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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