RE: Trump’s fire tweet infuriates California celebrities; Hollywood strikes back

Don’t these Hollywood stars have a movie to make or something? Oh, right, this is part of the free advertising press to keep their names relevant, screaming every time the president makes a move. Put my name up, put my name up.

Trump’s right, we should be managing these fires much better than we do. Whatever it takes. We the people have become complacent – except when it comes to Trashing Trump. Every year massive fires out of control; the destruction is unbearable, yet all these Hollywood wits can muster is to blame Trump.

I thought these were the cream of the crop actors. Can’t they act better than that? How about a solution? Pretend you’re on fire. How do you put it out and make sure you don’t get torched again?

Trump stated the problem. He wants input, but all they can do with their drugged brains is scream the same thing over and over again. Are they on bath salts? How do you catch a terrorist in a forest? Good title for a movie – base it on a real-life story.

Aside: There is mismanagement in every sector. Where there is money there is mismanagement of it. That’s a big job to tackle. How about if those brains bathing themselves in salts contribute to solving the problems, rather than stalling social media on their names just to keep them in the news? Forget the fire, look at me. How selfish.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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