RE: Why Throwing Cheese Slices on Dogs Is the Internet’s Latest Viral Craze


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Why Throwing Cheese Slices on Dogs Is the Internet’s Latest Viral Craze

“Why Throwing Cheese Slices on Dogs Is the Internet’s Latest Viral Craze”.

Why indeed? Oh, I get it finally, just because they’re dogs, it’s funny to watch them tormented by humans.

Yahoo writers say, “…any challenge involving a dog is adorable and worthwhile, because, well, dogs”.

So Yahoo thinks this is a “challenge” for the dogs? It’s a cruel stunt to make a dog try to get a slice of cheese off his/her back. It is not adorable and there is nothing worthwhile about the deranged people who engage.

Who are these writers? Maybe the tables should be flipped on those Yahoo writers who think bullying a dog is funny. Fire them for showing gross insensitivity. Purposely putting a dog into a state of frenzy is animal abuse.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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