The universe seems to seek out the rare. Where there is an unusual opening or occurrence or event, the universe finds it and enters without knocking.

One might think that because there are so many physical laws that rule what is physical in the universe, even the physical that can’t be seen by human eyes, that the universe would overlook the rare and unpredicted in anything. But it doesn’t.

There is just so much of everything else out there that is controlled by laws, how could it be that rocks and chemicals and energy that can’t think can notice something unusual and gravitate toward it, or seek it out, or protect it? But it does.

Even dark matter matters. It’s protected by everybody’s equations and formulas, without anybody knowing anything about it, except that it exists.

It’s included – the rare.

How could rare be so big? Humans think of rare as being small. Infrequent.

The fact of familiarity in and of itself creates a natural tendency to notice anything out of the ordinary.

The safest place to be is with what’s rare because you have the entire universe behind you.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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