Which One Are You?

‘Almost always’ and ‘nearly never’ are what most mean when they say ‘always’ or ‘never’.

And most people understand the ‘gist’ of what somebody means. And/or they see the nuances in someone’s speech. Even if a person skips a word or two, most people can fill in the blanks accurately, or accurate enough to get the meaning. Except, of course, the opinion-news-broadcasters looking to pick a fight with or discredit or undermine a guest by focusing on minutia that otherwise would be overlooked by everybody else, except those who want to stall someone from completing their thought or idea or hypothesis or theory or story, you name it, it doesn’t matter because the point is not to allow someone their view.

When you know that someone knows what you mean, but they insist that they don’t by picking apart your sentence structure or grammar or applying the ‘letter of the law’ to every word you utter, thinking they are making you look foolish when in truth, it is they who look the fool, it’s a little annoying isn’t it?

Is it individuals who don’t understand the ‘gist’ or certain individuals who don’t see nuances? Or is that condition, if a condition at all, based on demographics? Certain categories of humans, perhaps who find themselves lacking in the ‘gist’ and ‘nuance’ comprehension departments of communication skills?


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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