RE: Ricky Martin Called Out For Wearing Native American Headdress “Shame On You For Appropriating My Culture”

It’s time to shut down those tribal swag shops at Indian casinos. Shut the Indian casinos down too. They can’t have it both ways. You can buy a costume headdress souvenir, but you can’t wear it. Only those who fought wars are brave enough to wear the bonnet? How many innocent birds had to die to make that feather bonnet?

“Clean up your culture” is what the birds say. “We don’t want to be your war bonnet – or any other reason you use to justify making us suffer.”!

Native Americans, by the way, aren’t native to North America. They came from Siberia. Yeah, they walked all that way?!

They worry about a Puerto Rican posing as a working white man via Basque country wearing an Indian bonnet appropriating their culture, then I say get out of the casino business. You’re stealing the white people’s culture.

One must wonder what all those Siberians did with the humanoids who existed before them in North America? It doesn’t take a brave person to scalp a white person or to scalp a bird. What is it about Indians and hair trophies? I find it inconsistent that Indians don’t mind the Red Skins (football team) name and Cleveland Indians (baseball) logo, but became outraged when Ricky Martin wore a cheap replica of an Indian war bonnet. I don’t believe they did. They sell them as Indian paraphernalia.

Ricky Martin looking for free publicity? Ah, let us all pity the tribal people now. Yuk. Walked all that way and when finally given the Yahoo News stage, all they did was scream culture appropriation!! You got your pity. But that’s all you got.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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