Manufactured SAD

Anger comes after SAD.

We’re already at anger – for sometime now – which means we got out of SAD mode, as a nation once depressed.

Stop trying to put us back to SAD, which will only result in more anger.

Sad, anger, acceptance, happy, productive.

Simultaneous would be nice. Yes, it’s possible. No one is required to wallow in stages of anything or slow-poke their way through each stage.

You’re trying to lower the temperature by going back to SAD, instead of advancing to HAPPY via acceptance. Everything is SAD on social media now. Not long ago everybody was a racist bigot cunt, now they’re all so so SAD.

Going back to SAD doesn’t lead to happy.  It keeps people in the past looking for a happy that’s gone.

Stop with the reverse psychology engineering. It’s not working. You’re confusing people.

Stop telling happy stories with a SAD component. What are you really trying to do here, except create more chaos and uncertainty?

The social engineers created this social media monster, now step back and let people figure how to get out of it on their own.

You made a mess trying to control people’s emotions. That’s oppression in case you can’t see it.

The populace will turn on the social engineers. They’ll figure out who you are. People don’t like their food genetically engineered, what makes you think they want their emotions engineered by terrorist agencies with agendas to control them for somebody else’s benefit?

They’re going to wake up and stop turning against each other, which was your socially engineered plan, and you will become their new target.

Acceptance was the next step to happy and you all pushed everybody back to SAD. Now they’ve got to do that whole anger stint all over again. That’s sadistic and detrimental to society – AT ALL LEVELS. You have a price to pay.

Getting out-of-the-way is your best strategy now.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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