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Seven Shakur

White people seem to be heartless. And no I do not blame every white person for the past actions of other white people but hey

Chef Sharon Davies-Tight

In reply to Seven Shakur.  I don’t blame every black person for the past or present actions of other black people. Re: “White people seem to be heartless” means all white people, not some white people. There are many ethnicities within the white so-called race. Even if discussing one small ethnic group, there is no such thing as every person within that group lacking the same human trait of sympathy. I wonder if the white people you reference would call black people heartless. And if white people are “heartless” as you say, then why would you look to them for comfort? Thanks for the comment.

Seven Shakur

In reply to Chef Sharon Davies-Tight.  Woah!! I don’t look to white people for comfort. And in my opinion ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE HEARTLESS PEOPLE and white people who are not heartless are still deemed heartless because of what other white people put other people through, and they continue to put people through it..and a person can’t be really blamed but they can be judged for past and present actions..thank you for your comment back have a nice day❤

WW Reply:

Anyone who cuts the hearts out of every white person on the planet (figuratively or literally), must either value that heart and hope that white people will be diminished without it, or they want it for themselves. Or both. We left every single white person without a heart – we took all of them. Even the baby hearts.

It’s like Africans eating animals whose souls they covet, and calling it soul-food. A few greens too, to hide from God the flesh and blood. God said eat plants. Ops. You ate up all their hearts to punish them because you didn’t have one?

Seven Shakur aka Ny just called all vegans heartless. Most vegans worldwide are white people who extend to all animals the same human-animal right to live out their natural lives – I add, in the absence of enslavement, torture, and slaughter.

White people are the most generous people on the planet. Take that heart away and there’s nothing left. Do you think rich Africans or Asians or Hispanics or Arabs are going to give you a hand-out or a lift up? Maybe you should put a donate button on your blog instead of calling all white people heartless, and those who have a heart, heartless, for not doing whatever it is that you think they should be doing without a heart. What’s the point of making fun of people who don’t have hearts anyway, except to get attention for money?

How do you like that one? Now we own the white heart so we can control it. We ate it so no one else can have it.

Yeah well, there goes the money right down the toilet.

Heartless means without sympathy. Calling all white people heartless means all white people lack sympathy. Giving comfort is what sympathetic people do. She’s not looking for comfort by calling white people heartless, she’s looking for pity hoping that will open the white heart to gold – cash will do. She uses her handicap to HELP THE HUSTLE along. She can do what she wants with her handicap, but name-calling all white people won’t cut it.

How about the black heart? Where’s the black heart in all this? Blacks want to be loved by white people? Or are they hiding the fact that they don’t have one, by accusing all white people of the same? This heartless jab is becoming hypocritical. Don’t ask to be loved by white people unless you love them too. Nobody loves people who call them names.

Blacks have a way of slapping you and hugging you so they don’t lose the connection while they abuse you. That’s the heart symbol at the end. It’s all a hustle.

Part of her (Ny’s) story: “Hope..that’s the only damn thing I have to hold on to. I hope to be happy and healthy one of these days..i hope that people will wake the fuck up and realize they are the reason this world is the way it is..this world is fucked up..the people are fucked up, and it’s because of this idea that everyone has to be a “someone” Those people probably don’t live that life in real life..only for people..they don’t give to the needy because they have nothing to give and that’s what you are craving for? Attention? Likes? A little popularity? What exactly..what do you wish to gain? Those people do not give to the needy, they are just greedy.

Ny claims that the world is fucked up because of fucked up people ‘who don’t give to the needy; they’re just greedy’. Where is she in this ‘fucked up’ place? Calling an entire white race of individuals heartless, and anyone associated with the heartless ones who won’t help whatever it is she wants help with, as if all those people caused her discomfort. She’s using the guilty-white paradigm hustle.

Well, it’s her story about her wheelchair that she has made the focal point of her life, as many handicapped people do. She dares you to Google the word Ataxia. There are support groups for people with handicaps.

I don’t test or dare people to look up my ailments. That’s arrogant and needy-acting. If I want them to know, I tell them. Why force someone to research something you already know about? Tell them yourself. It’s a control issue. She wants you to feel like you put her down if you don’t do it. If you do it, then she controls you and maybe she can get you to do something else. Come on.

And no, I don’t pity people with handicaps, giving them a free pass to hurt people because it makes them feel better about themselves, or gets them attention. Handicapped people are no different from anybody else in any other population. What she failed to tell you in her story is the reality of how blacks, her own race, feel about handicapped people. They have no respect for the physical or mental challenges they face. Plain and simple: They don’t like them. They’re weak in their eyes. So rather than work at helping her own race change their perception and treatment of those Challenged by Handicap, she lashes out at white people – all white people.

My handicap was caused by an accident, not an entire race of people.

If I were her, I’d remove those pity-seeking facial images from her blog.

She likes the look of sad too much.

What a pity.

So what are Africans missing as a group? If white people are missing a heart as this expert on all white people claims, then blacks must be missing something too. Whites are a minority worldwide. Blacks can’t claim that status. It looks like blacks are the bullies, trying to dominate a minority. A hard-working minority at that. An industrious minority. Why aren’t white people crying all the time? They’re too busy working – pulling themselves up rather than waiting for somebody else to do it for them.

So what are African blacks missing? It’s not the heart they want. That’s a trick to keep you off-balance.

A soul. It’s your soul they want.

That’s why they call cooked animals soul food. They think they don’t have a soul. They kill the animal, eat the animal, and according to their belief system, they now have a soul. They own the soul of the animal they eat.

If you eat someone, then you have ultimate power over them, and according to African blacks, that someone’s soul comes with that package.

Soul food isn’t about love of food like the blacks tell you. It’s love of committing atrocities against other species and sometimes their own for the purpose of gaining a soul that they apparently think they lack.

Why doesn’t God stop us from doing bad things? God left us. God left Africa a long time ago. The devil remained. And they have forever been saying the devil made them do whatever they know they shouldn’t have done. It seems they need an entity to control them – so they chose the animals they eat.

It’s messed up. I don’t know how to extract that UGLY from a culture. But it needs to be done. Better they do it themselves and not negotiate that as a condition for monetary gain. We don’t reward terrorists.

African blacks reference the devil a lot. They see the devil in everybody but themselves. Notice how Nancy Pelosi Called Donald Trump the devil in a very public way – she did that to appease blacks and get them on her side. It’s like yeah, I get you, I got your back, stick with me. She doesn’t have anybody’s back but her own.

Yeah, blame their lack of soul on the white man. Those colorless people. You know, that minority that popped up out of nowhere.

Once you shit that soul out of your body, you need another soul. The need is endless.

That’s why non-blacks fear blacks. It’s what they do to get to your soul. That’s some scary shit.

They’re always saying ‘look at me, look at me’. It’s a trick. That’s where they set the trap. They begin with the eyes. Ever notice when you look up at a black person, they’re already zeroed in on your eyes? Even if you’re driving a car and their walking on the sidewalk. They’re searching for souls.

They need that soul like an addict needs drugs. Madison Avenue knows this and exploits it.

I say find your own soul and leave mine alone. In defense of those you slaughter, how’s that been working for you? Judging by this expert on the white heart, not very good. The Hustle is still in full swing, which means they don’t feel fulfilled yet. They want human sacrifice and human blood – white people’s blood.

Won’t they ever learn? An animal is an animal.

All these black Africans coming out of the closet thought the world would accept them for what and who they are.

They were wrong.

The world wants to work with civilized people, not people who want to eat them for their souls.

That the deciders let you come out as you are, giving no instructions to clean your image up, shows that they wanted you to make fools of yourselves. Nobody befriends a savage unless it’s a trap. You got what you gave.

Find your soul within yourself – before it’s too late. The devil won’t mind, if that’s who you’re worried about.


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