The ‘Winning Hearts And Minds Strategy’

Chuck Schumer told the president ‘open the government and we will negotiate’

The president gave him three weeks to develop a border security plan.

You mean the democrats didn’t have a plan? All this anti-border talk so all the slaves, terrorists and wanna be drug dealer families who wanna make millions of dollars in the USA, now that the cartels are moving here, was just a stalling technique to form a plan to prevent the wall instead of forming a plan to secure the USA and all its citizens?

Sometimes I think Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are benefitting. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like president Trump’s white-collar crime friends, but she’ll let in a whole country of law-breakers as long as she gets a cut. ‘You’re judged by the company you keep,’ she said just yesterday.

I don’t know who the friends are of anybody in congress. How should that affect me or any other citizen? I mean, she just opened a whole new can of worms.

Who are her friends and the friends of Chuck Schumer that now I have to insert into every equation regarding every decision those two ‘patriots of Italy and Israel’ make for every single citizen in the USA and now every single citizen of Mexico, Central and South America too?

That is what is called “The WORLD DOMINATION Strategy”. And I want no part of it. Those two are laying the ground work for war – a third world war.

Shimon Perez (former president of Israel) once observed that the USA doesn’t invade a country to take the country over; they invade, leave and then rebuild that country. In other words, the USA wasn’t interested in taking the land.

I used to wonder what the USA meant by “The winning HEARTS AND MINDS Strategy.” I mean, how do you do that when you’re bombing a country that didn’t bomb you – like Afghanistan and Iraq?

Now, after the fact of one of the most grotesque war responses against two sovereign nations in the absence of a war declaration, they admit it was a mistake.

But I don’t look at the mistake as much as I look at the pattern. The USA via congress (including the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate) have a history of using bad judgment when making any decision, large or small.

They never went back to examine the process. It was too uncomfortable.

Oh, we can let Hollywood make the films about it, based on the intel we give them, but they know they can’t take too many logical leaps that will make us look worse than we want to look. After all, we were attacked.

Could we have prevented the attack? Yes. We set up a military base in Saudi Arabia under false pretenses without changing hearts and minds.

Well, how do you do that – change hearts and minds by winning hearts and minds?

That they would even have to ask that question when their own social and psychological engineers came up with the plan in the first place proves the ‘bad judgment’ claim.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer right now are putting it into play in Mexico, Central and South America.

Why announce a plan that you don’t know how to use? Ask any Jew if you can blow up members of their family and win the hearts and minds of anyone left that in that family?

Are you kidding? Blow up a Jewish family and the entire world of Jews will blow you up – in a million different ways that no one could trace back to them.

There were two holocausts committed against innocent people in Afghanistan and in Iraq in response to 9-11. So, why does Israel keep erecting artifacts in holocaust museums from World War II?  “We must never forget so it won’t happen again”.

They mean just to them – not anybody else. They don’t care how many holocausts they have to incite as long as it isn’t against them – ever again.

One of the problems in the USA is that there are too many THINK TANKS in America with governmental access  (meaning the ones that politicians and other government officials use as their go-to problem solving people) that are made up primarily of Jews with Israeli perspectives and  agendas.

The Jews have a saying in English, ‘do the opposite of whatever she-he-it-they say to do’. Well sayings like that work enough times to validate them, but mostly they get the people who flip that coin, rather than do the work of stripping the ego to see more clearly, into a heap of trouble. So then up comes another saying, ‘if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all’.

Those are the people advising Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. ‘Do the opposite of whatever the president says to do.’ It’s a Jew strategy.

The Jews in Mexico, South and Central America want a state of the art wall in areas where one can be built. They love that the border is established and that people can come and go as long as they’re deemed safe to enter.

Drugs and guns are not allowed to enter any airport in the USA. In downtown Cleveland, if you go into the Justice Center you go through metal detectors. You’re not allowed to bring drugs or guns into any federal building, but somehow Pelosi and Schumer want drugs and guns to pass freely over the southern border into the USA.

Isn’t the border considered a federal entity? Well if it isn’t, there needs to be a structure that can define it as one. Like all federal buildings, it needs to control who comes and goes, otherwise stop securing federal buildings.

Admitting the mistake of committing holocausts in two countries in response to 9-11 against countries who didn’t bomb us was all the USA government officials could muster with their huge egos, so we won’t learn from the mistakes by examining the process, which includes to a large extent the degree to which motivating factors, internal incitement and withholding of critical intelligence contributed to flawed facts leading to flawed actions against innocent parties.

It’s not the winning of the hearts and minds once you blow them up, that the USA needs to advance. It’s the changing of our own hearts and minds, so that we don’t treat the citizens like machines, while we’re running up to invade, during the invasion, and only after when we get what we want, look at them as future citizens of the USA, opening our doors to all who want to leave the country we tore apart.

Changing hearts and minds is the same as invading a country and staying. We leave our stamp of war on their hearts and minds, then build them up to look and act like us – their oppressor. Is it any wonder then, that years later, when we think all is going as planned we receive an unanticipated payback call?

In the end, the results tell the story of a hearts and minds strategy being a world domination strategy.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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