You Can Take The African Out Of Africa, But…

Continental Africa has fifty-four countries in it, more countries than any other continent, yet black Africans still want to inhabit every other place on earth. One of the most desired destinations is the USA.

Wouldn’t you think that after the horror of slavery, the USA would be the last place on earth black Africans would want to visit or live?

It doesn’t make any sense, such a resource-rich continent as Africa and everybody wants to move to the USA – or Europe will do. How many black Africans aspire to move to the Middle East, China or any other Asian country?

How about South America? Too much like home?

That’s usually what people want, too much like home to get homesick. Not them, they want different, big, better. Besides,  Africans and Spaniards don’t get along. Too much hustle interference – from both sides.

Asia’s big. Russia’s big. Middle East is big. They’re different.

Yeah, but not better.

There’s a lot of hatred coming out of black sectors worldwide these days toward all white people, blaming them for everything wrong in their lives, as if all the non-whites were robotic and had no say in any decisions regarding their lives. In other words, white people lived their lives for them. Why did they let them, if that’s what they think happened? And why do they continue to let them, if that’s what they think is happening now?

White people forced this, white people forced that, on all of us, as they moan and rock and raise their cords to a place meant only for worship, offering up, always up, praise to somebody they said left without saying goodbye .

In unison, nodding amens in agreement as a cohesive lament looking for a song lost as if the wind wrote it. It’s somewhere. Maybe they should follow their GOD – out of AFRICA. After all. They say God left.

Why do they want everyone to care?

I wonder if there weren’t any white people in the USA if they would still want to go there to visit or to live?

Probably not.

So how did this evolution thing work?

The evolutionary of humans who first emerged as black Africans in Africa. Where do white Africans fit in?

Oh, they don’t.

Well, white people came from some place. Oh, I get it.

White people are the black Africans who emigrated to what is now called Europe where they turned white from lack of sun. Oh-h, the Oreo cookie analogy turned inside out. A white Oreo cookie – black on the inside and white on the outside.

The black Africans who stayed were angry that members of their own tribe left. They never heard from them again?

Evidently some of them became Chinese and those who couldn’t decide which way to go ended up in the Middle East, because they kept back-tracking.

So Asians all came from Africa?


The American Indians emigrated from Asia.

Asians are black Africans who emigrated from Africa.

White people are black Africans who emigrated from Africa.

When the (American) Indians first met the Europeans in continental North America they though it was an East meets West moment.

It was an Africa meets Africa moment. You can take the African out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the African.

When black Africans fight against any individual or group, they fight against each other. It’s still that way on Continental Africa.

Black on Black. In fact, it’s Black on Black everywhere – Asia, the two Americas, Africa, Europe, Australia, Antarctica and possibly new Zealand (the lost continent).

Postscript: The above represents a simplified summary of truth, if you support the theory of evolution and the theory that human life began in a solitary location on the continent of Africa – when Noah’s arc landed on Planet Earth long ago.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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