MAGA = swastika

Since when is wearing a hat that says MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (MAGA) a racial slur?  Writers all over the news media are calling it a racist hat. 

Do they mean a white supremacy hat?  MAGA = swastika. That’s how they delivered it, as bizarre as that claim sounds.

Everybody with a brain knows that Donald Trump is not a racist. Even if he was, so what? He doesn’t have to love every person in every race. He has the right to prefer his own race over other races. Every black person I ever met was a racist. They all hated all white people.

People can like whomever or whatever they want. Isn’t that what the gays are always saying?

We have a right to love whomever we choose to love? Remember that? Well, that works both ways. Everybody has that right. Don’t tell me I have to like you and vote for giving you special privileges, just because you’re gay or black or a member of any other demographic.

Blacks, gays and Hispanics think if they keep calling the president racially-charged and gender-charged names, which are discriminatory in themselves, then he’ll drop everything he’s doing and attend to their special needs, like a nurse to a patient.

Will you be my doctor, my nurse, my teacher, my minister, my banker, my Uber driver, my mother, my father, my brother, sister, confident, hit man, yeah hit man; will you be my hit man if I abuse you and insult you hard and long enough Mr. President?

Ugh. What is wrong with these people with so many issues that they want everybody else to solve?

People wearing MAGA hats are not spreading hate; it’s the people who object to making America great again who are spreading hate.

How about a positive message coming from the hateful people? huh? got nothin’?

Maybe that’s part of the problem; you count on the success of the people you adore for your happiness. When they fail, you blame their opponent, instead of blaming yourself for being so shallow as to put your heart and soul into a person you knew nothing about, never even met, except that you voted for them.

That’s all on you.

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is a racial slur? It’s racist? How long can you exploit a loss by the candidate you voted for? Hillary Clinton said herself that it would take a very long time to get over.

How far can you stretch a lie?

Pretty soon white baby shoes will be considered a racial slur against all black African people. White babies will be taunted in strollers for wearing white superiority shoes. The parents out of fear for their child’s life will buy black shoes. Then they’ll be taunted and labeled racist for wearing black and appropriating black culture.

You don’t have much wiggle room left, so you should start wrapping it up before you stay in too long and it all blows up in your faces. The real truth comes out when so many people know it, because so many people were in on the plan and involved in the execution of it.

By incessantly abusing, humiliating and treating as worthless human beings, people whom you think supported Donald Trump, you thought they’d develop an aversion to the president and anything republican and thereby vote democrat.

You are mistaken. They will develop an aversion to voting. They already developed aversions to social media due to your campaign of terror against them.

So? That’s good for us; that’s what we really wanted anyway; keep all the republicans from voting, then only the democrats come out and we win everything. It worked; that’s all we care about.

Be careful with strategies that play on people’s emotions.

The democrats, sick of seeing your self-inflicted wounds splattered all over social media and every news outlet in the country over and over again in their name, will vote republican. You’ll end up being the bums that your own party votes out. You forget, a lot of white people are democrats. You demonize, terrorize and threaten to destroy the future of every single one of them.

Those white people who go to your so-called peaceful protests? They’re CIA operatives. Spies. Other agencies too. FBI. Homeland Security. They’re all there. Of course they infiltrated. When did they not infiltrate wherever black Africans gather to stage a revolt against America?

You’d do the same thing.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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