Cory Booker PUNCHES HIMSELF In The Face

Cory Booker (Democratic senator from New Jersey) is not fit to serve.

He is not fit to serve as a member of any public entity while holding such bigoted beliefs about white people. He’s too emotional. He’s too angry, too full of vengeance. He keeps comparing himself to Donald Trump and keeps justifying his bad behaviors by saying Donald Trump does it.

Where does that come from,  that ‘monkey see monkey do’ senatorial/congressional strategy?  I certainly don’t want a copycat for an elected official deciding my fate from another state every time he votes on federal issues. That’s a kid thing; why are adults doing it?

For some reason he wants to be Donald Trump. I don’t know what he’s going to run on, except his penchant for doing whatever the Donald does. ‘If he can do it, I can do it’ is pretty weak. Not original. So why would anyone vote for someone who lacked original ideas or strategies? That’s what we need in order to get rid of gridlock – original ideas and strategies. There’s no status quo in the democratic party, except Dump on Trump. Pathetic Platform. There’s no cure on the horizon for the Cory Bookers of the world. We don’t need another irritant in the White House; we already have a slew of them.

It’s shocking how so many democrats are copying Donald Trump. We do it because he does it. What a coup for Donald Trump. The sooner you walk back or away from that strategy the happier and more productive and original you’ll become. You show the ugly needy side of yourselves by copying somebody else’s behavior. Why don’t you copy his ingenuity, industry, ambition, work ethic? It’s his coup again. You only copy what you claim to be bad behavior. Why? To show him what it looks like? That’s how you spend your time in congress, spying on Trump so you can copycat his bad behavior to show him what he looks like? That’s weak.

You are not fit to serve anybody, much less this greatly flawed but great nevertheless nation.

I think I should run for president.

Hey, I’m legal, I have the right temperament and the people skills and work ethic for the job. I’m always looking ahead, I’m a good listener and fair. I learn what I don’t know quickly. I’m in good health and live clean. I stand my ground when I know I’m right. I don’t speak my opinion unless I do know I’m right. With new information I reconsider my view.

How many contestants can say all of the above and be telling the truth?

Yeah, none. That’s why I have no interest in politics. It’s the company I’d have to keep. Decisions for all are made from egos, not based on reality. I don’t like being forced to vote the party line, rather than what’s good for the people and structures in the nation.

Yeah, I have a history I can talk about. I don’t fear disclosure. I can and do get along with anyone.

I’m Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. I like him. I understand his strategies. I like power; what can I say. I’m already groomed. The answer is no, though.

I don’t like being the face to somebody else’s words, policies and ideologies.

I’m not going to stay for the group hug. I’m onto something else more exciting.

Bet that scared the boots off ya’.

Hey, I could run the country from home, save a lot of money for the overburdened taxpayer.

Booker made a strategic mistake when he said publicly that he wasn’t going to punch Trump in the face for his fellow democrats. Just yesterday I read it.

There’s that monkey maneuver again – ‘monkey see monkey do’ I want to be like Trump so the closest I can come to being in his skin is to act like him.

That’s a knockout punch to himself that knocked him right out of contention.

Using punching words to somebody’s face publicly as a senator from New Jersey? That’s you? That’s who you are right out of the gate? You couldn’t help yourself; you needed to get that last dig in before you start your love campaign? I’m not going to love you, so don’t ask me to. Just do your job in a professional way – unless you can’t.

If you’re going to do what Trump does as long as it gets you in the White House, then how are we to trust that you’ll put your democrat skin back on once you get there?

You have no justification for that violent outburst. It’s a strategic mistake that colored you violent and vengeful. You wrote the ending yourself. Live with it.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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