The Compassionate Band-Aid Strategy

Using children as tools to commit crimes or as tools to make more money isn’t new. Years ago people had large families, so the children grew up tending the fields and working the farms – being trained early in the execution of their ‘chores’. When factories came along, they were the first in line. ‘Imagine the money we can make with nine kids.’

That was then. Child labor laws in the USA and elsewhere eventually outlawed the use of children for labor. It didn’t matter that the children wanted to work; it was deemed unacceptable considering the conditions under which they were forced to work with no supervision between adult and child or older children and younger children.

Spanish adults use children to storm the USA southern borders, expecting that a forced-entry effort will get them across quicker,  giving border officials no choice but to let them go further into the country, due to the mass numbers of people demanding early, ahead of the the line,  processing.

The pity (aka compassionate) strategy goes like this: They put the child out front as the negotiating tool to get them across the border by ignoring existing USA laws. They claim to have no money or resources and fully expect the USA government to give them whatever they need to survive at the tax payer expense. Fifteen million did that already with thousands more ready to breach an imaginary border.

There’s no border here. Where’s the border? I can’t see anything. It’s just dirt. Dirt isn’t a border. Dirt doesn’t make a wall. Where’s the wall, the access doors, the streets? Stop looking up at the sky. What are you doing? Oh, I thought maybe the border was in the sky somewhere. Looking for incoming at this late stage makes you look like you’re waiting for a  missile launch. Stop it.

The ‘pity for my child even if not for me‘ strategy includes an expectation that they’ll let the parents and the entire family in too. Who will take care of the child in the USA? Hillary Clinton says it takes a village to raise a child and nobody south of the border ever forgot that endorsement for all they do. We need to bring the whole village. Who says? Hillary. Hillary Clinton.

Adult primitive and predatory urges are still in play on the southern continent. Using children as strategies is inhumane regardless of Hillary Clinton’s unintentional endorsement of illegal immigration by writing a book claiming it takes a village to raise a child. But who knows, maybe she did support illegal immigration and that was her way of solidifying her base for an eventual presidential run- twice.

When someone has children for the purpose of exploitation they don’t bond with them. Why would they? They’re preparing to sell them.

Village involvement or not,  child labor, child sex, child mutilation and child exploitation of all types needs to end today not in five years.  The words ‘minor’ and ‘forced’ are conditions under which enslavement is identified and the conditions under which it flourishes unabated. All countries are involved with child slavery.

Children like to please adults. For adults to use as an excuse for exploiting children, that they like it or don’t mind or they want it, keeps the issues surrounding their exploitation from being properly and quickly addressed. The world needs this now not five years from now. It’s happening right under our noses and everybody turns away because the authorities turn away. If they’re scared of the far-reaching tentacles of the Spanish Mob Cartels, then where does that leave us?

Hispanics don’t care about child labor laws; they don’t care about any law that prohibits them from doing what they want to do. Period. A law?? A law? One might think that they’re coming from completely lawless nations, the way they talk about not knowing anything about laws. What’s a law? A law? Yet, they left those supposedly lawless nations to go to a nation of laws. It’s the laws that make the nation, not the people.

People are the same all over except for a few blips here and there in their DNA. It’s the laws that promote and facilitate progress. Through organization we achieve success, not through constant dissension, upheaval, never ending hustles, coup after coup, after coup. Just go in and take it over. That is the mentality of Spanish-speaking people inhabiting lands south of the USA border.

They are always starting over someplace else to make their own rules – again. Make America Great Again is starting to sound familiar.

We waited for you to change for us.  You didn’t do it. So now we make you change. That is the foundation and cornerstone of all their strategies. They never, ever think about changing themselves to fit into somebody else’s program, except to gain access to something else that they want, that means more to them than the temporary enslavement required in their minds to achieve it.

So, the Jews claim them as their ancestors from Basque country.

The Arabs say no way. We look at the behavior, not the historical residence. They’re Nomads, make no mistake about it; they are Nomads – that’s us. We’re south of the border people too. We’re the engineers and architects. Look at Dubai.

Children living with their parents on farms all over the USA are working the fields alongside adults or when the adults are too drunk to work, the children fill in for them. Nobody checks, because nobody cares, as long as the crops get picked.

Not all people with work cards return to their country of origin when the picking season is over. Many just stay rather than bear the expense of a trip home across the border again. Many get pregnant and have babies here; that’s the goal, since the children become an automatic USA citizen by birthright.

The crying children in all these video-taped border scenarios are crying to go home, not crying to go to the USA. The USA border officials weren’t making them cry; their parent’s hysteria and unpredictable actions were making them feel unsafe and wanting to return to a safe place again – home.

It’s easy not to provide a birth certificate. Just say you don’t have one. They are always coached on what to say, which means that what they say is a lie. Well, they threw it away, so technically it isn’t a lie. No record of birth. Yet they’re all Catholics, which means they’re all baptized, which means there is a record. The Catholic Church keeps records of births and the Catholic church is very active in all countries south of the USA border.

Everybody seems to have left out the Catholic Church in all the talk about massive numbers of people living illegally in the USA and now thinking it their right to storm the border with compassion stories to let them in or else. And they are all from Catholic Countries south of the border.

What position does the Pope take?  More children. More money for the church.

The Catholic Church is a Kingdom of Children – without a voice.

I was shocked to discover Hispanic Dreamers were thirty year old children. Why wasn’t this common knowledge? The government via the CIA news outlet hides what it doesn’t want the populace to know. What kind of convoluted legal mumbo jumbo accepts that a thirty year old is a dreamer?

Deferred action on the legal status of children who were brought to the USA illegally by some adults. I mean, how long did the USA figure on delaying action? Forever? Come on. Why did it take President Trump to address all these issues?

Do you know what happens when you apply too many band-aids to a sore without removing the old ones before applying a new one? Eventually, they all fall off at once.

That’s where the band-aid strategy always leads. Always. You can count on it.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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