RE: Nancy Pelosi Explains Why She Clapped Like That At Donald Trump

  • When you’re compelled to go to a woman’s daughter to translate what her mother, who is Speaker of the House, meant when she clapped at the State of the Union address after the speaker herself explained why she clapped (like anybody should have to explain), just so Yahoo writers could be justified in their own previous ‘jump the gun’ erroneous interpretations, even bringing in a body language so-called expert to back their assessment, then I say that is far too much meddling in trying to make a motive fit.
    So, in essence, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter says Nancy is lying. Now that’s an angle that could be exploited. But no one did. Yahoo writers must have [been] raised in the tradition of ’78 year old woman gives birth to 72 year old 75 inch long 240 pound baby boy’ stories.

    It looks like there’s ageism and sexism operating here and the daughter was the one who thought her mother wasn’t capable of explaining her own actions. Everybody claps at the State of the Union address.

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