RE: Twitter had all of the jokes after seeing Clemson’s fast food spread at the White House

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


RE: Twitter had all of the jokes after seeing Clemson’s fast food spread at the White House

What’s wrong with something different?
Bizarre would have been tiger tail and moose head stew. It’s a sports team. This isn’t Britain. We’re Americans.
Most people after leaving the White House stop at a fast food joint anyway.
Great advertising for fast food; too bad there wasn’t any plant-based fast food represented. I do hear though that McDonald’s is negotiating for an Impossible Burger.
I also like that they kept the food mostly in the boxes/wrappers and didn’t have people’s hands all over it.

I can imagine anybody with a big purse taking a bunch home, or camera people with back packs. I like the look. An indoor fast food picnic. Yea, give the chefs some time off.

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