Lone Black Man Stages Massacre In Aurora Illinois?

Black leaders are popping blacks, just like Israelis pop the Jew populace each time they covet something and don’t want to wade through a process to get it.

When Jews commit massacres in America, it’s the Jew psyche in play. Jew leaders know what to say and do publicly to disengage their own assailants from reality.

Blacks figured out how to mimic Jews to get what they want and are applying that strategy to their own populace. They know what to say and do to incite certain people within their group to act on the groups behalf by rising to commit a massacre in the name of revenge. Who murders a bunch of people because they got fired? It’s the psyche they play on that activates the assailant.

They call it social justice. That’s what happens when particular demographics think, speak and act in unison with an agenda based on superiority and motivated by what they can gain from applying that power over, under and through all other groups.

They’ve been preached hatred of white people and infidels and gentiles (non-Jews) for so long and so consistently that they become mentally ill by the constant nature of the onslaught of negativity fed them by their leaders – in the family, in the government, in their religions, in their businesses, in their private, individual relationships.

Jews formed a religion and government based on the characteristics of their collective personalities, rather than fairness under God-made and human-made laws, which they had no interest in changing just to get along with other people and groups in the world. ‘We are who and what we are and we’re not changing for anybody. So get used to it. Everybody does the same things we do, we just made it work for us and everybody else is jealous.’

They simultaneously, unilaterally and secretly passed a universal ‘street and shadow’ law to suppress any criticism of their ‘ways’, claiming such criticism to be anti-Jew thus ‘hate’, thus punishable by them in any way they deemed fit to stop the criticism and discourage others from engaging in the same behavior – however true and justified.

Jews scream HOLOCAUST and the world stands still for them.

Criticism is what stopped the holocaust, not Jews screaming.

Blacks scream SLAVERY and the world stands still for them.

Criticism is what stopped slavery, not blacks screaming.

They scream to make people fear. Yes. ‘Fear us, because you know what we will do if you don’t. We’ve shown you. And you know how we can pop our own people.’

The assailants aren’t tied to an organization. It’s the group psyche they’re tied to. That’s how they get activated.

Jews will kill their own to profit the group. Blacks will kill their own to profit the group. Whites kill their own all the time, but in personal interactions that have nothing to do with the group psyche.

Jews want you to hate them. Blacks now want you to hate them too. They both say they don’t care, but they really do. They manufacture hate like a product for sale. It’s easy to do. They start with the small stuff and blow it up so big that you can’t help but see something, as least a kernel of truth, but the interpretation of the kernel is the lie that works, because of the way it’s manipulated.

Like hair. Blacks cry all over Facebook, ‘white people hate our hair, they forced us to straighten it, do you know how much that costs? They persecuted us over our hair. I cried every day and every night, why don’t you like my hair natural?’

This is what people get killed over. Plain and simple. When they don’t have a big accusation in their tool box they focus on tiny, then enlarge it till it looks grotesque, and white people kneel down and apologize for not liking their hair. The blacks suffering and crying all come together on the post and say two words. Thank you.

That’s a hustle. It happens all over Facebook all the time. Facebook supports it. Heck, they could be the ones engineering it.

When you start telling people what features and characteristics and traits to like in other people, you’ve crossed a line into oppression territory.

I don’t like frizzy hair, fuzzy hair, gooey hair, matted hair, pony tails, pigtails. I tried lots of hairdos. I had a permanent curl and every time I went out in humid weather it all frizzed up. I don’t like frizz on myself. I don’t like angel type hair either that’s so fine you can’t do anything with it. I don’t blame an entire race of people for my insecurities about my hair. Heck, I just buzzed it all off, long before it became fashionable.

So they respond, ‘then you know how we feel’.

I don’t give a damn about your hair; I only care about mine. What is this ‘you know how we feel’ about?

It’s part of the group hustle, to get you to admit something, some small slight that they can attach to you. They don’t like fuzzy hair either, nobody does. It’s too hard to handle. White people could grow their hair down to the floor, but most don’t because it’s too much work to maintain it.

But look, some people are born with no legs and they adjust, so why can’t black people adjust to their fuzzy hair? It is so insignificant. That’s a key right there.

Of course it’s insignificant; that’s why they use it to scam you out of your money. They know they can get you to admit that you don’t like fuzzy hair, then they quickly call it racist, because they’re born with fuzzy hair. Then it’s slam, bam thank you ma’m for opening your wallet so quickly – or your bank account.

They blame you for the high cost of straightening, that they made a decision to purchase. Do you know how much it costs to have somebody else braid your hair or to make all the waves equal in size? That’s not natural either. Being natural costs a lot of money, so their ‘natural’ argument gets deflated.

In the 1970s nobody argued for the right to wear an afro-style hairdo. A lot of people did it. Now if a white person does it, it’s called culture appropriation and they want money from you for the privilege of wearing your hair like them. Truth be told white women straightening their curly hair and white women curling their straight hair has nothing to do with black people. They’ve been doing it forever. And even if it did, so what?

If blacks hate their hair so much, and they do, then why expect white people to like it? Oh I get it,  white people will like it so much that they’ll want to look like black people, and then they can get them on cultural appropriation charges which = more money.

When people use their hair as a political tool, you know there’s nothing else in their tool box. If you cave to their terrorist demands, that’s on you. But when you cave on behalf of everybody else, and expect every white person in the world to do as you did, cave to a terrorist group, then you become part of the hustle and part of the oppression.

When white people start defending their rights, they’re called white supremacists or Neo-Nazis. That’s a quick way to get white people to shut up when they’re discriminated against or demonized because of the color of their skin. See, blacks want to keep the oppressed label; they’re not going to give it up to anyone, much less white people, even as they collectively oppress and punish that entire race of people in the name of social justice.

Social Justice is just another way of breaking the law and getting away with it.

So this black dude kills all these white people because he couldn’t stand all the blacks screaming about white people stealing his culture and hating his hair and white people taking his football away, and now his job too. He’s a hero to black people and he knew he would be.

The news media didn’t say that five unarmed whitish people were killed by an armed black person, like they do when the shooter is white and those shot are black. That’s a glaring example of media discrimination, showing a black bias, which communicates the black privilege of socially justifiable homicide.

Whichever way you look at it, he was a suicide bomber – a ticking bomb that Black Lives Matter Terrorists popped.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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