RE: Ivanka Trump’s blindness to her own privilege is rooted in a widely shared belief

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


RE: Ivanka Trump’s blindness to her own privilege is rooted in a widely shared belief

There’s nothing blind about children born into rich families. Most rich people are hard workers. And most people work hard regardless of the job or the pay. Humans are built that way. I’ve seen people volunteer their services who work as hard as anyone receiving pay for the same work.

There are so many people jealous of other people’s money, claiming privilege is the only way to get it. That’s just not true.

It’s strange to me that the writers for the magazines that appear on Yahoo News are always giving morality lessons to people they hate. They even editorialize the titles of the articles, so you don’t have to read them. Why the obsession with other people’s money? These writers make a lot of money. Guess you could call them privileged too?

It’s petty and mean-spirited to be constantly making fun of people not like you. Be happy for the success of others and don’t bring everybody down to your level of depravity, because you’re jealous of what they have.

Nobody picks the family they’re born into and it’s not any child’s responsibility to beat up on their own families just because Yahoo writers love to spew their hate of anything Trump related.

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