RE: Man arrested for keeping an 86-inch flat-screen TV that was mailed to his home by mistake

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Man arrested for keeping an 86-inch flat-screen TV that was mailed to his home by mistake

Nobody gets arrested for a 12 inch difference in television size. I believe the package wasn’t addressed to the person who it was delivered to; it’s not that it was 12 inches bigger than he ordered and the bigger one was sent by mistake. The delivery service delivered the wrong package to the wrong guy and the wrong guy kept it since it was similar to the one he ordered.

They should have been able to work it out without an arrest being made. I didn’t quite get if eventually the right television was sent to the right guy.

Heck, in Cleveland, Ohio certain groups can steal cars and the cops look the other way, since insurance companies replace the vehicle. That is of course unless they jack a high end vehicle.

I can’t find what’s right with this article, so maybe it’s made up. Either that, or the author was smoking weed when writing it.

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