RE: AOC: Trump is ‘absolutely’ trying to incite violence against Omar

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

15 April 2019

AOC: Trump is ‘absolutely’ trying to incite violence against Omar

There’s supposed to be a separation of religion and state in the federal government. Omar brings her religion with her to work everyday, using the popular head coverings of Muslim women as her signature. She’s the one inciting violence.

She needs to be more sensitive to people forever scarred by the attack on America on 9-11. She’s opening old wounds by attempting to change the facts and the rhetoric surrounding that Holocaust in New York in 2001. She’s making this all about her rights as a Muslim woman.

9-11 was a bad choice through which to make her argument. Muslim men beating up Muslim women would have been a better place to start her campaign against prejudice and discrimination.

Many Muslim women are not allowed by their husbands to work outside the home – yes, even in the USA.

She could be the example set for them, instead of trampling on people’s emotions regarding a terrorist attack against them and their way of life.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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One thought on “RE: AOC: Trump is ‘absolutely’ trying to incite violence against Omar

  1. The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 were what is called a false flag. The attacks occurred, yes, and thousands were killed. But, the Arab Muslim hijackers were patsies, or scape goats as the towers were brought down by explosives placed inside them days before. The real culprit, as the late Victor Thorn, and others have exposed, was Israel aided and abetted by dual loyalist Jews in the Defense Dept. and other areas of the US government.


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