RE: Pelosi urges Trump family or staff to stage ‘intervention for the good of the country’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 5.23.2019

Pelosi urges Trump family or staff to stage ‘intervention for the good of the country’

Nancy Pelosi needs to stop obsessing on Donald Trump’s personality.

Take liquor away from congress for a week and see who they really are.

Every time I see Pelosi on T.V. she looks, talks and acts drunk.

She has fallen so far, that it’s hard to imagine she was ever any other way.

I was a democrat all my life – now I’m an independent, because of the way the democratic so-called professionals handled defeat.

It’s not like they lost their jobs. It’s more like they all died.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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2 replies on “RE: Pelosi urges Trump family or staff to stage ‘intervention for the good of the country’”

It may not be that she is drunk. It could be her meds. She does not strike me as being sane, but rather mentally ill. For another few months, I will be living in her district here in SF. It has a lot of mentally stressed, if not ill, folks.


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