RE: Cher admits tweet about Trump being prison ‘toyboy’ was ‘wrong’ after outcry: ‘There is a line not to cross’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Cher admits tweet about Trump being prison ‘toyboy’ was ‘wrong’ after outcry: ‘There is a line not to cross’

Evidently Cher supports people being raped in prison as part of their sentences. To think it’s a joke is a new low in democratic ideology.


Piers Morgan


BREAKING: Cher says she wants President Trump to be raped in prison as ‘Toy boy of Big Bubba.’
Disgusting, and if she’d said it about Obama she would never work again. 

In response to the backlash, the 73-year-old Oscar winner deleted the controversial tweet. She also posted a message admitting that it crossed the line — but insisted that she wasn’t necessarily apologizing for the “stupid joke.” She added that the “Big Bubba” reference was “wrong.”

What is with Hollywood women coming out and saying the grossest things about people, wishing on them the most despicable harms, while  simultaneously jumping on the METOO bandwagon to protest those same behaviors they claim to abhor in others, that they as women engage in? They are offenders with offending dispositions. Even after they’re called out on it, they retort with another offensive position.

Evidently Cher (Cherilyn Sarkisian) still supports prison rapes – as long as Big Bubba (the black man) isn’t disparaged for doing it.

Rape isn’t funny – ever.

This is the face of the democratic party. Women who support prison rape and even joke about it.

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