RE: Andrew Yang says ‘immigrants are being scapegoated’ — and a new study backs that up

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


RE: “According to a new analysis, immigrants and their children actually founded 223 of the Fortune 500 companies”.

This statement is misleading, since everyone in the USA, except the Native Indians, are either immigrants or sons and daughters etc. of immigrants.

What is the origin of the remaining 277 founders of Fortune 500 companies? People actually living in foreign countries?

RE: “the National Bureau of Economic Research found that immigrant-owned technology firms in the U.S. were found to be more innovative than U.S.-born firms.”

This also is confusing. What’s the difference between immigrant-owned business and U.S.-born firms if we’re all immigrants or sons and daughters of immigrants?

Does immigrant-owned mean not born in the U.S.? When they say immigrant are they referring to legal or not legal?

Mumble jumble is all I get here.

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