Black Africans think their brains are in their skin, that’s why they’re always thinking on it, with it, and through it.

Most people want to show off their brains. Blacks want to show off their skin. Not every black from every African country – I don’t suppose.

I wonder though, if there are significant cultural and aesthetic and moral differences among black countries like there are among white countries? Absent modern day immigration.

Do all the black peoples from all the black countries in Africa sing and dance together, eat the same food, think the same thoughts, speak in one black voice like they do in America?

Or, at least that’s the impression professional blacks, those who make a profession out of their skin, want to imprint on the world.

Like one China, one voice, one huge, massive simultaneous vote?

Is that Black Africa too?

China’s changing. That unison, simultaneous strategy keeps the populace tethered to each other.

That’s the same as slavery, and I think the Chinese are waking up to that.

Maybe it’s time for black Africans to wake up too.

Everybody votes for the same thing, when they’re trained to follow the group.

Who do the leaders follow, though?

Not the populace; I can guarantee you that.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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