RE: Fictitious Video of President Shooting Critics and Media Shown at His Resort

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10/14/2019

Fictitious Video of President Shooting Critics and Media Shown at His Resort

A year or so ago, a blown up life size doll of President Trump was set up at various locations around some city for people to punch in the face or kick – like a BOBO doll that bounces back when you hit it.

This isn’t much different. Or like Kathy Griffin staging a mock beheading of the president.

Guess it was his time to hit back. Frankly, I doubt if he planned or staged it. His supporters did. Just like Hillary’s supporters staged the attacks on Trump.

It was ugly to watch, just as this video was also probably ugly to watch.

Seems we’re moving backwards in time, rather than forward as a people.

We seem to have no control over our own actions, instead blaming somebody we don’t even know for our own base behavior. Maybe it’s time we stopped letting outsiders control our emotions.


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