RE: When Non-Black Minorities Wear Cornrows And Locs, Is It Appropriation?

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight   10/14/2019

When Non-Black Minorities Wear Cornrows And Locs, Is It Appropriation?

Black people in America appropriated those braids from the Native Americans. Blacks are not native to America.

Let people wear their hair any way they want. What kind of society dictates who can wear what hair style?

Maybe blacks should stop dying their hair blonde, and straightening their hair, thus appropriating white people’s hair style. It works both ways.

Leave people’s hair alone, and stop looking for payment or prejudice where there should be none.

Corn rows are named after corn fields. The American black did not invent corn.

In Cleveland I’ve seen several very white-skinned people with black people’s hair – thick and wiry. Does that mean they can’t twist their hair into dread locks?

Huff Post is taking people’s right to wear their hair how they want away from them. That’s not a liberal bias. It’s something else that’s much more ugly.

Who are non-black minorities? Does the term ‘non-black’ connote that everybody else is less important than black minorities? Does ‘black minority’ connote poor, middle or rich blacks? Does the minority status automatically assume an economic status? What constitutes a minority?

So are we talking about controlling how only poor minorities can wear their hair or rich minorities too?

How is it that a news and opinion website called the Huffington Post, whose founder Arianna Huffington forced her writers to work for free as a privilege, became the expert on slavery issues and what is racist in America? There’s a big blind spot there.

Hair is not racist. So how about we stop making it racist? How about if the liberals stop dividing people based on hair? That is so prejudicial, but as they say in other circles, people with the most glaring prejudices, often can’t see through the hair.

Color me bald.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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