Michelle Obama talks racism and white flight

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10/31/2019

Michelle Obama talks racism and white flight: ‘I can’t make people not afraid of black people’

How is it that white people being pushed out of their community, are responsible for leaving it in shambles? Are white people responsible for the condition of all neighborhoods?

If black spaces are in shambles because white people aren’t there to clean them up, that’s on the black people, not the white people.

Blacks drive whites from their homes, because blacks want to be with blacks, not whites. I see the same behavior in apartment buildings. Blacks take it over.

They scare whites into leaving with their aggressive, reckless behavior and it works. So stop blaming white people for black dominance strategies to occupy neighborhoods or apartment buildings.

It’s not “white flight”. It’s black domination.

Now M. Obama who knows everything about white people is on a campaign to force white people to stay after the blacks move in and take over?

Take the scab off your own discrimination M. Obama. Since when is it black people’s or white people’s right to say who lives where?

Aside: Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, do the same thing, only it’s called colonization of towns and apartment buildings. They make trouble for white people, making them feel uncomfortable in their own homes. So the white people leave to live in peace someplace else and it opens up more spaces for Spanish families.

It always involves an effort to ‘push out’ people not like them. They’ll keep a few token whites around for appearances – those they know they can control. It is never an assimilation strategy – from my experience.

Why is it that black people are on television talking about white flight? It’s called black domination. They want to control the narrative.

M. Obama doesn’t want to make white people not afraid of black people. She wants to keep the black dominance in play.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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