You claim to be out of the closet, but you still have sex in public restroom stalls.


Gay parks? I didn’t know they existed, till I moved to the West Side of Cleveland. Beautiful on-the-lake park, well-kept. Gays only. No need for a posted sign claiming dominance over this park, or that restaurant or those bars.

Families can’t go to some parks on Lake Erie, because everybody’s having sex in cars – in broad daylight. Or, pick up and drop off young boys waiting to make some fast cash.

Looking for a pick up? Want to state your preferred sexual style?

The car says it all. Hood up. Trunk up. One or two side doors open. Four doors open. All up and open. Pick your preference. Various cars sporting various sex styles. A communique.

Public restrooms, public restaurants, public parks should be public for everybody.

Gays stake their claim and everybody else leaves.


Because of inappropriate behavior in public spaces. Non-gays don’t want to be around what most non-gays consider private, not public.

There’s only one required qualification for squatting rights. Can we have sex there? Or can we pick up and drop off without incident?

Out of the closet, means you don’t have to have sex there. All tax payers fund those parks.

Too cheap to get a room? Don’t want to bring your recent pick-up date home to your apartment?

But guess what? Gay motels exist too. What constitutes a gay motel? Motels are places people go to have sex. So what? It’s private. Isn’t it?

Gays are more comfortable around their own. Just like Africans and Hispanics and Chinese, and Indian et al and women and men and children, the young, the old, the middle-aged, rich, poor, in-between. We all have our categories.

  • You thought I left out white people. White people aren’t comfortable around anyone. They are independently-minded. They don’t want to depend on anyone for their success. Why? Because they inherently don’t trust each other or anyone else.

While in public, playing the integration game, there’s a baseline behavior paradigm that everyone for everyone’s comfort abides by.

Yet, segments of each group feel, think they should be able to be themselves, no matter where they be at any moment. Au naturel movements create problems, when they speak for everyone in the category through their loud, contrary actions.

Stereotypes are formed by these contrarians wanting to act out out in public spaces and expect everybody else to accept who they are and how they act. Well, who you are is not necessarily how you act. Chew on that. It’s called exhibitionist behavior. That’s what non-exhibitionists avoid.

Yet, gay parks, restaurants, bars, motels do exist. So stereotype or not, the facts on the ground support it.

Maybe gays aren’t yet fully out of the closet and have over such a long time been groomed in the closet that they don’t understand how to act in public when out of the closet. They had to hide their sex. Coming out of the closet thus means to have sex in public.

Closet=closed. Public=open.

Discretion doesn’t mean using the bathroom stall instead of the bar stool. Come on. You need to be discreet in public places, just like non-gays need to be discreet in public places. If you can’t delay gratification till you get home, or to a motel, then that needs to change. The world isn’t going to keep accepting all the flaws that you are too lazy to discipline.

SAFE to GAYS in public places, actually means safe to have sex in public places – and not be negatively judged or beaten up for it.

At least be honest while you’re protesting for your rights.

That’s not one of them.

Reserve a stall in a public restroom?? For two people??



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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