RE: Grandfather charged in 1-year-old granddaughter’s cruise ship death faces prosecutors in court

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 11/20/2019

Grandfather charged in 1-year-old granddaughter’s cruise ship death faces prosecutors in court

I grew up in an area where Spanish people (specifically Puerto Ricans) lived, and they in the warm weather hung outside their windows. Every day, Every night. And yes, they often put their kids on the window ledge, because they were on the window ledge, hanging their feet over or leaning over.

It was dangerous, but they did it. It was their way. Part of their culture. I do not believe that this man in any way intentionally harmed his granddaughter. He just did what came naturally to him, to place his granddaughter up on the ledge, as so may Spanish people do with themselves and their children.

  • The only question for him should be why he thought the window was closed.

My own mother and father would never have placed me on a window sill for any reason, but Spanish people do that. I think it’s time for them to change that way about their culture.

My only question for the people who maintain the ship is why only one window out of all the windows was open? Or was it being replaced? Or, perhaps they purposely keep one window open, so people can experience the fresh air while leaning over the rail.

Puerto Ricans know the habits of Puerto Ricans. I would not be so quick to absolve the ship company from liability if they left the window purposely open, knowing there were Spanish speaking people on board who like to hang out of windows.

Why was only one window open and why was the grandfather drawn to it?

People falling from windows is not that uncommon.

Spanish people specifically are fascinated by windows and doors. They like them open. They like that feeling of freedom – of bringing the outside world to the inside.


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