RE: O’Malley slams acting DHS deputy: ‘You cage children for a fascist president’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 11.29.2019

O’Malley slams acting DHS deputy: ‘You cage children for a fascist president’

Aren’t there stalking and menacing laws in D.C.? How can one patron force another patron to leave a bar?

There are juvenile detention centers all over the US in nearly all towns/cities where underage children are put who break the laws. Why isn’t O’Malley trying to release those children from those cages?

Maybe O’Malley shouldn’t be trying to ‘hijack’ people in bars to have ‘serious’ discussions. O’Malley may do well to look at his own boundary issues regarding his own behavior.

I’m actually more surprised that high school kids still hang out together when one or more of them becomes famous, “as he gathered with fellow members of his class at Gonzaga, a Catholic high school in Washington from which Cuccinelli also graduated”.

Martin O’Malley is 56 years old.

Why isn’t he releasing all the Catholic boys from the grips of Catholic priests who hold them captive for their entire lives absent the actual cage? It’s a psychological cage that never leaves them.

Don’t play politics with children in cages. Be the example and release them in your own church and in your own cities and states.

ADD-ON: What O’Malley proposes is that Donald Trump and anyone in the current administration immediately release all the children held at the border into the desert to be preyed upon by Catholic priests and sex traffickers for profit. That’s that deal. That’s what will happen.

They’ll take the problem boys first, saying they’ll straighten them out, all they need is some discipline. We all know what that discipline means. Martin O’Malley also knows. He is the one advocating the release to the churches. I say no. I will always say no. Better they stay where they are until a solution emerges.

Going from one cage to another cage is not a viable solution.

Notice how the Pope keeps telling the US to release the children. I say no, not to them, not ever to anyone who claims to want them.

If someone wants them, they want them for their own personal use or as commodities.

Martin O’Malley has not presented a viable solution that starts and ends in a good place.

Handing them over to their own people is the same as handing them over to a slew of slave masters, who will own and exploit them, making them forever indebted to those who freed them. What kind of freedom is that?

I’m asking, because the world and especially the children, deserve a concrete answer. “I don’t know” is not a satisfactory answer in this situation. Find out.

These children are not inanimate objects to be sold to the highest bidder. That’s the plan from the other side. “We’ll take them off your hands, put them in good homes, feed them, clothe then, educate them, vaccinate them for sure, all we need is some benefits we can rely on over time”. Although we have networks and some donation resources, it’s going to cost.

The ‘Tell’ here is “we’ll take them off your hands”. Like damaged dogs or half dead plants, seen as eventually becoming profitable if nourished back to sanity and health. By their own people of course.

Hey, we know how to do it. We’ve done it with millions of others. Ever hear anyone complain?

That’s another ‘Tell’ – ever hear anyone complain? Why not, should be the question?

You mean that millions of people go through an initiation, an indoctrination process and nobody ever filed a complaint about bad treatment? Why not?

Slaves can’t do that. They wouldn’t live to tell about it. How many died who tried?

Those children whom everybody claims to love are not free. They’re not happy. Everything they think, say and do is controlled through somebody else with consequences for non-compliance.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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