RE: Ricky Gervais Under Fire for Transphobic Tweets He Claims Are Jokes

Ricky Gervais Under Fire for Transphobic Tweets He Claims Are Jokes


It’s Hollywood-style. He’s an actor. If something about a person can be changed, it’s fair game. That’s their rule.

Yahoo UK. The British still call people by their sexual organs. It dominates their movies: dick, cunt, fuckwit, wanker, pedo, cocksucker, dickhead, douche bag.

The USA military pays for sex changes. People can’t get heart transplants because they can’t afford it.

Old people get wheelchairs instead of back surgery that could cure them.

Transpeople are quickly turning into a privileged class, while whining all the way to the top. Maybe we should be more sympathetic toward non-transgender people, who live with what they’ve got, whether they like it or not.

Why DO men have more rights than women? That’s the real offense. Why does Hollywood still put rape scenes in movies? Re-enact rape, because it happens in real life?

In my view, transgender people are stealing attention away from more serious grievances by dominating the news – every day all the time. I’m surprised they didn’t blame Donald Trump. Or did they and I didn’t notice, because transgender Trumps Trump?

Are transgender people regarded as handicapped? Do they want to be? I live around transgender people. They make fun of everybody. So do gays. Maybe they should lead the example parade on gender sensitivity, if they’re so offended.

Or maybe they’re not. Maybe the offended ones are heterosexuals acting on behalf of transgender people. I don’t know. Maybe they should grow a pair (or two) and learn to laugh at themselves. lol. 

ADD-ON: Transphobic means fear of transgender people. I’ve never heard of anybody fearing transgenders.

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