RE: Teacher Of The Year Kneels At Football Game Knowing Donald And Melania Trump Attended


Kelly Holstine said, “Kneeling is a way to show respect for the military and our country, while also supporting oppressed and marginalized humans.”

This coming from a “Teacher Of The Year?”  Where has she been for the past few years? When somebody kneels, in respect and thanksgiving, they kneel on both knees. You ‘take a knee’ on one knee, not two. If she wants to show the military and our country respect, she should volunteer at one of the ‘help the veterans groups’. 

What she was actually doing was using a public forum to disrespect the President of the USA and the First Lady.

Since when are gays marginalized? They’re all over the news all the time. Write a letter to the White House, your congresspeople. Teach your kids how to go through the process – instead of taking the quick route, by humiliating someone in public. This coming from a gay person is hypocritical, given that gays claim non-gays humiliate them and gays want respect. Well, it works both ways.

This whole mess of an action gone logically and strategically awry, while all Holstine could complain about was her knee shaking. That’s what made headlines on Yahoo – ‘Teacher of the Year’ was nervous to kneel during anthem at college football championship: ‘My leg was shaking’. She’s forty-six years old acting like a kid. She’s a teacher; she has experience in public speaking. Lots of it.

As Teacher Of The Year, she was the first gay teacher bestowed that honor, then refused, like a petulant child, to go to the White House when invited, because she what? Wanted more? How does one get more than that, unless they’re trying to blow up the White House?

First you get recognized, then you get a meeting, establish a rapport, then go from there. She had it all right in the palms of both hands and she threw it away to get international recognition by humiliating the President and First Lady in public. In other words, she wants somebody else to do her work for her. TAKING A KNEE is EASY. What’s a shaky leg and complaining about it do for the gay community she says is marginalized? She’s acting like a confused teenager.

  • No. I’m not going to say all those capital letters when referencing every alternate sexual identification group that exists.
  • Oddly, the most discriminated against sexual orientation group in the USA right now are heterosexuals, whom she blames for all that goes wrong in their lives. 
  • Oddly, the ones beating up gays in gay restrooms and gay bars, and the ones raping gays, are gays.

Kelly Holstine, director of educational equity at OutFront Minnesota, an LGBT+ civil rights group doesn’t use all the capital letters either. Who can remember them all and in perfect order? LGBT + civil rights. That demand alone is discriminatory against heterosexuals and Euro-Americans. It looks like she wants Africans and Spaniards on her side, suggesting by the omission of Euro-Americans, that they don’t deserve civil rights?

It’s hard to believe that after all these decades, gay women still want to be called lesbians. Why, if they want equality with men don’t they include both men and women under the gay designation? If two gay women are in a relationship and one takes the male part and the other takes the female part, is one considered lesbian and the other gay? I don’t know. How would I know, since they have so many categories and classifications. She’s discriminating against women here – still. Even I call both gay men and lesbians, GAY. Gay man. Gay woman. Gay.

Oh, and other marginalized HUMANS? What does that mean? Other animals, not in her ‘human’ category, don’t deserve rights? Do gays eat animals? Does she?

As a teacher of anything she didn’t make the grade. Does she teach only gay kids? If not, then where does that leave all the kids who don’t fit into her marginalized category? Up the creek without a paddle. She’s forty-six years old – and she’s teaching discrimination. Actually, sexual orientation should not be a factor in anybody’s classroom, yet she made it a factor by refusing to attend the White House for a teacher of the year award – based on her sexual orientation.

‘Treat everybody the same’ evidently is not her goal. She wants to separate, not unite. If it’s to unite, then it has to be on the terms of the group to which she belongs, which means every human except Euro-American heterosexuals.

Now that does not make for a good teacher.

Should we be classifying all animals according to their sexual orientation? Only HUMAN animals?

Okay, all the L people stand over here. All the G people sit over here. All the Q people, here. All the T people here. All the B people stand over there. All the C (conflicted) people come on up here. All the P (plus) people go stand in that corner. All the civil rights impaired people, form a circle around me. 

All the H (heterosexual) people and the E (Euro) people kneel over here. You’ve got a lot of praying and paying to do. Both knees. Get down on both knees and show your respect to the others whom you oppress.

Hey Sharon, do I have to take this course? No. Get out of there.  

School shouldn’t be about categorizing and dividing people according to sexual orientation.

Gays shouldn’t get a free pass because they’re gay. Nor should anybody get a free pass because of the category that society or another competing group puts them into. I’m Euro-American and heterosexual. I never got a free pass, in fact, I’ve been overlooked and pushed aside my entire life to make way for somebody else.

Equality was never achieved by assigning people to particular groups or by curing a prejudice with discrimination. 

Payback never solves a crisis; it creates one.

‘Teacher of the Year’ was nervous to kneel during anthem at college football championship: ‘My leg was shaking’

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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