LGBT Rights Group Demands Sanders Renounce Rogan Endorsement

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LGBT Rights Group Demands Sanders Renounce Rogan Endorsement

Renouncing people has become ridiculous. I thought the Democratic Tent was all-inclusive?

Why turn people away when if you include them they could change their view?

If the Gay community wants acceptance, then they should respond in kind. Open your hearts and minds and others may do the same.

So many conditions everybody sets. That’s why I don’t belong to groups that tell you what and how to think. Too robotic for my tastes. lol. Really, I’m just shaking my head. Hey, I don’t care if terrorists are on my follow list – maybe they’ll read another view that opens them to possibilities.

People change more rapidly when exposed to different schools of thought, than they do when they’re punished or isolated for not sharing yours.

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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