PETA slams Jennifer Lopez for wearing feathers during Super Bowl halftime show: ‘Dozens of birds were KILLED for this’

Steve taped the half-time show plus the second half of the game and we saw it last night.

I thought the show lacked originality.

The entire dance company did a lot of sophisticated Ape moves, so I guess one can say they we’re either channeling our 90% Ape heritage or honoring it on behalf of the Apes who still lived enslaved in Africa.

Either way, the over-sized bird feather coat and the way Lopez awkwardly flaunted it was over-the-top shameful and ridiculous looking.

Hey, I am a bird; I can fly. Or I am an American bird and I can fly. Or if you want to fly come to America. Or if you want to come to America, FLY.

Well, SHE didn’t fly (the dead birds wouldn’t let her), except from a dance pole that grounded her.

It was when she turned her back to the audience and bent over to BUTT AMERICA (a little too long) with ruffles hanging out from her crotch that I got her artistic message to Hispanics:


Don’t walk to America, FLY.

The BIRDS will protect you with their FEATHER COATS.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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