RE: Israeli Mayor Orders Palestinian ‘Surrender’ Billboards Removed

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 2.16.2020

Israeli mayor orders Palestinian ‘surrender’ billboards removed

I thought one had to have permits for billboards. How did this get approved, especially in light of increased tensions after the release of Kushner’s Perpetual Parole Plan for Palestinians living on Palestinian land?

Taking them down was the correct action. Its presence would have incited more violence. It incited me and I’m in America and I don’t incite easily.

What Jews do in Palestine affects the entire world, especially the United States. We don’t need another Jew-generated 9-11, so keep your perpetual need to humiliate others in your own homes out of view of the world.

Maybe that was Israel’s point – to incite violence, so they could say, ‘there they go again‘ after Mahmoud Abbas at the United Nations promised there would be no violence.

In a related article the group responsible for the billboard ad threatens legal action to restore it.

  • The billboard portrays Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas top terrorist Ismail Haniyeh with hands raised and waving white flags, with text accompanying the image saying that “peace can be made only with enemies who are defeated.”
  • Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai personally ordered the removal of a billboard that had been paid for by a right-wing organization demanding Israeli action against terror. The group, called the Israel Victory Project, said it would move immediately to take legal action to restore the billboard.
  • Huldai wrote in a social media post that “I ordered the removal of the billboard showing Abbas and Haniyeh on their knees, with their eyes covered and their hands in the air in a gesture of surrender. The image incites to violence and reminds one of Islamic State and Nazi images that we would not want to be associated with. Red lines exist even during election campaigns.
  • We must look at reality in the face – that peace will only be possible when the Palestinians and Hamas are defeated, along with their desire to destroy Israel.

This sounds like a call to war to me by the side who claims to want peace. Conservative or liberal or in between, they’re still Jews, speaking in one voice – as always – when speaking to the world.

So this is what happens in Tel Aviv? The self-proclaimed VEGAN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD? Nazis came home to roost in Tel Aviv?

I find it odd that Jews frequently claim certain words spoken or words written, usually minor in nature, will cause a holocaust against them.

Yet, when the tables are turned they don’t afford others that same degree of sensitivity or censorship. Mayor Huldai of Tel Aviv did the right thing by removing the offensive and inciteful images and message, which demeaned the Palestinian people and called for another war to defeat the Palestinians plus Hamas once and for all.

ADD- ON: The title applied to this news story is ambiguous. At first I thought it meant that the Palestinians who removed the billboard were being ordered to surrender it to Israelis.

For someone who already knows the story, it doesn’t matter much, but for those who don’t, the writers should make their titles more clear – their not in a creative writing class; they work for a world news agency, supposedly disseminating news accurately – which includes the title.

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