RE: LOPEZ Using Her Body To Get Attention Again

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 2.17.2020

Jennifer Lopez, 50, hailed as an ‘ageless queen’ after posting ab-baring bikini selfie

Women and the media news outlets who follow them around have become too obsessed with how their bodies look. I thought all that ended with the Women’s Liberation Movement – evidently not in all cultures.

It used to be the men objectifying women that women objected too, now women objectify themselves and each other.

It looks like they really didn’t want to be known for something beyond their sex appeal.

It’s not a good example set to younger girls, most all of whom fall short of these mannequin-styled women, but who knows, maybe they’ll be the ones who finally set it all right in future years.

If I had a daughter, and as much money as Lopez has, I would certainly hope pole-humping would not be on her to-do list of adventures and worthy aspirations.

And I would hope that she wouldn’t want her fifty year old mother/grandmother to find her destiny and fulfill her dreams by using pole-humping to get the attention she craved.

What was the reason given for all the pole-humping at the super bowl halftime show? Oh, Lopez was supporting all the Puerto Ricans and Mexicans and South Americans and the rest of the Spanish speaking world? Women and children who are forced to hump poles by old rich European men? She wants to make it a valid, respectful profession?

In years past many celebrity Spanish women claimed that all Spanish men cheat once they’re married. I happen to know that most Spanish women don’t like their husbands doing that. So why would Lopez want to raise up, as respectful, a line of work – pole-humping – that encourages it. Every bar that has a pole is where prostitutes hang out. So if the Spanish women don’t like to be cheated on, why would they want to profit by other men cheating on their wives?

Further, why do Spanish women participate in the sex slave trade? It’s not only men. Women are facilitators at every level. Should we make that respectful too? What you fail to change, just accept as respectful?

Lopez and her objectification of herself and other women just isn’t news worthy, but here it is again, long after the super bowl ended.

I think she may be vying for the Kardashian’s spotlight.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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