Criticizing Heinous Acts

It’s appropriate to verbally attack individual countries and their animal abusing cultures and practices.

It doesn’t matter that the whole world engages in similar abuses.

To deny people the right to criticize on an individual basis, as the opportunities present themselves, especially when a particularly heinous act comes to light, actually acts as justification for continuing the behavior.

Speaking in general to the world mutes the message. It’s not personalized enough to be an effective strategy for positive change.

Everybody does it makes it sound normal and acceptable. Change is not likely to occur when that method of treating everybody the same at all times is applied.

No one accepts responsibility when everybody engages in the same abuses. The abuses go unchecked. Shaming people for calling out cultures is a strategy used by governments that don’t want to change and animal abusing industries that profit from torture.

Particularly heinous acts elicit hatred toward the offending parties. It’s a reflexive response by more civilized people.

Not all humans exhibit that same response. It’s been trained out of them as if they were soldiers at war. It’s difficult to awaken them to the reality of suffering in other creatures. Their culture forbids it.

Chinese trolls often cite the Americans eating cows and pigs and chickens as the same as Chinese eating dogs. They see a discrepancy between being kind to dogs and not being kind to cows, pigs, lambs et al. Americans eat them after all. You can’t love someone you eat.

Yet, let an American eat a panda and the argument becomes a mute point. All cultures have favorite animals. So lets not get carried away calling racist anybody who calls out an animal abusing culture by its name.

Witnessing heinous acts such as cooking animals alive or cutting an animal’s legs off so they can’t escape the torture is an assault to the psyche of those who hear the internal scream and feel the terror of the victims.

Don’t ever demean that gifted person or scold that gifted person or deny that person’s right to scream in pain at those responsible for such heinous acts wherever and whenever they occur. They are the voices of those victims. They are screaming for them. They’re not screaming “please world stop”.

They’re looking their souls straight in the eye and identifying them. These offenders are not faceless and should not be treated as if their face doesn’t matter. Yes their faces matter. It is everything to those who suffer at the hands attached to those faces.

Call them out on what they do – always and forever when it happens. Shine that light on the actual people doing it in real time. Name their country, their culture, their distinguishing features – all of it.

And don’t ever stop.

Criticism stops a holocaust; it doesn’t cause one.

That being said, the hater should expect to be hated by the individuals hating them for doing something they see as survival-oriented. Still, there are ways you can tamp down your response, so that the recipient isn’t hearing only your anger, but the message along with your undeniable disdain.

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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