Donald Trump didn’t invent fake news. No individual past, present or future can be called the king or queen or the chief or the head of the lie, nor take credit for inventing the lie for the purpose of persuasion.

Government agencies that control the news and Madison Avenue working with information disseminating media outlets do that. Political campaigns do it to punch their opponents. Business people do it in the form of false promises of what their products do and how they look.

Every single government agency does it – no matter the country or region.

Why? To confuse the populace, so they can classify everyone acting confused and asking questions about what really happened into the CONSPIRACY THEORIST category of mental instability.

Madison Avenue and businesses do it for profit. Lawyers and lawmakers in every sector do it.

All individuals, even other species, lie to protect and persuade. Some are expert at it, whereby everything they communicate is some form of deception. Humans live and breathe it.

Fake news – a lie, a distorted truth, for the purpose of making someone believe something because an authority spoke or wrote it.

There’s so much junk out there, that one must assume that nearly all of it is tainted in some way, especially when coming from an authority source.

How do you wade through it? The same way juries in courts of law do it – with prejudice. Without the actual facts and the content from which the facts are exhumed or extracted, prejudice is all that’s left.

So there you have it. Fake News, fake information, fake images, all media, all movies, all documentaries are the makers of prejudice.

It’s a hustle.

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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