Comedian Terrance Williams on Aunt Jemima

Finally something to laugh about. I liked the old Aunt Jemima. But the younger slimmer version too. Of course it’s fake maple syrup, but still plenty tasty.

My father dressed me up like the fat Aunt Jemima – cork face and all – for Halloween one year when I was a kid – we couldn’t afford store bought costumes.

I loved it and everybody loved it. It’s not wrong to dress up like other people. It brings people together.

Then years later the activist blacks made something evil out of it and started a witch hunt ruining white lives who in the past corked their faces for Halloween. It angered them that white people enjoyed dressing up and making up like black people. But the real reason was they found an opportunity to exploit their skin for financial and political gain – just like the Jews do every time you mention them.

It looks like Black lives found a new theatre in which to exploit Aunt Jemima for political and financial gain. Black lives want to go into the history of white people and destroy their happy childhood memories – the few they actually had. That’s terrorism in play. Black lives are using Mossad and IS tactics.

Guess we’ll wait and see if sales soar or plummet as a result.

Whatever happens, this guy got me really laughing. Thank you Terrence K. Williams.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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