RE: Why “all lives matter” communicates to black people that their lives don’t

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 8.9.2020

Why “all lives matter” communicates to Black people that their lives don’t

It’s getting so, groups with agendas see coded messages in everything. Too bad. The words speak for themselves. Stop the paranoia. ALL LIVES MATTER has been around for a long time. One race shouldn’t dictate to all others how and what they can speak. That’s discrimination.

Africans are big users of coded words, that don’t even sound like words, that Europeans don’t understand. Should we ban them from saying them? NO. Hurtful words too. Walk into any bar in Cleveland late at night where Africans and Europeans gather.

Humans are meant to speak, meant to communicate. Let them do it. Black Lives has gone too far when they start suppressing free speech.

How would they know what Europeans are thinking when they say something? Are they mind-readers? It’s disturbing to see so many rich Africans complaining about being marginalized by words that include everybody. That’s what equality looks like.

Wanting to own words looks like one group wanting superiority and exclusivity over another group. We as a world cannot go back to that place in the name of revenge discrimination.

In my extended view, Africans at least in America, let their feelings drive them more than their intellect. Every non-black in the world cannot be held responsible for every black person’s feelings.

These supposed black views by activists in the media do not coincide with the views of most blacks I engage with day-to-day.

When non-black individuals frequently get their feelings hurt, their non-black family and friends tell them they’re thinking too much about themselves and not enough about everybody else.

I say that to the black talking heads all over the media. You’re thinking too much about yourselves and not enough about others. That you speak for all black people proves you dictate to your own color how they’re supposed to feel. That’s called oppression.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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One thought on “RE: Why “all lives matter” communicates to black people that their lives don’t

  1. Blacks will cry racism rather than confront the problems that only they, as blacks, can solve – such as 70 per cent of black babies being born out of wedlock.


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