RE: Protestors Dictate Terms For Private Property Owners?

The St. Louis couple who threatened Black Lives Matter protesters with guns once made children cry after destroying their bee hives

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.13.2020

Why should protestors be allowed on their private property, or anybody’s property? They own it and have a right to protect what they own.

Mobs are weapons of mass destruction as the world knows from the mob justice executed around the world by Black Lives.

Protesting at people’s individual homes on their private property should not be allowed by law. Did these protestors get a permit to be on this couple’s property?

Now the press wants to destroy their peace by digging up dirt on them and making them somehow the villain. This is just another case where Black Lives are destroying white people, one at a time, where they live.

Regarding the bees, I say to the Hasidic Jews to stop raising bees for honey. Stop teaching children to enslave, use and abuse other species for your benefit.

Tabloid news. Trolling for dirt, then slanting it to ruin lives. Their lives matter too. Let’s do a background check on each protestor, and see how they like it when it’s done to them. Then let’s circulate it all over social media. There will be law suits for sure.

It seems like everybody has become a spy. And nobody likes it when it’s done to them. So stop doing it to others.

These are CITY BURNERS who claim these two white people cannot defend their own property with guns when approached by a MOB of CITY BURNERS, with no police present to protect them. I see an injustice there.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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