RE: Inventor of Israel’s Iron Dome seeks coronavirus ‘game-changer’

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 7.13.2020

Inventor of Israel’s Iron Dome seeks coronavirus ‘game-changer’

The only existential threat in the region is toward Palestinians by Israeli Jews.

Rockets have never ‘rained’ down; the few that made it where Jews illegally live is nothing compared to the carpet bombing in Gaza to take out their infrastructure every few years.

Be accurate. Free the Palestinians from Jewish occupation and Jews won’t have to build domes.

So this guy is going to create a dome that kills the virus or redirects it to Palestinians?

So, they’re going to buy recognition of the Jewish state by offering those particular states who don’t recognize them the blueprints of this magical dome?

Palestine too one would have to assume?

Calling the CC virus an existential threat toward Jews implies that the CC virus knows who Jews are and where they reside. How did this even make news, much less get printed?

It almost sounds as if the Jews in Palestine orchestrated the global spread of the virus and now they have the dome cure. Why sell the technology to only countries that don’t recognize Israel as a state?

Not a very good start on making friendships, being so discriminatory. If it worked, why not give it to everyone for free? What does this even have to do with rockets?

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