Black Lives And Anti-Defamation League Are Terrorist Organizations


No matter who does it, using violence as an attention-getting strategy destroys lives, it doesn’t save lives. 

Madison Avenue has become the GIANT OPPRESSOR of our time by succumbing to terrorist demands who want to control the words people see, write and speak on social media.

Madison Avenue will put Facebook out of business. 

Most of the people on Facebook are nowhere near wealthy. So it is the lower income people that Black Lives Terrorists and Anti-defamation League terrorists (who support Apartheid in Palestine), seek to punish by slapping down their views using terrorist trolls.

Black Lives Matter and Anti-defamation League are not organizations for and of the people. 

These organizations are run by rich people pretending to be advocates for the poor and disenfranchised. They are both terrorist organizations whose main goal is to terrorize the populace into silence thus submission to their terrorist agendas.

I think it’s time for the Anti-defamation League to state its view on free speech in America and around the world and how their defamation of people who disagree with what Jews are doing in Africa isn’t defamation to them. Ruining somebody’s life because they speak the word Jew is going to end.

Jews are no better than anybody else. And their organizations built around suppressing free speech are going to be exposed for what they are and the terror they spread around the world.

Ruining somebody’s business because they don’t like the way you do business is going to end. You are the white supremacists the world hates. You were not chosen by any God to terrorize the planet into bending to your will.

Anti-Semetic? Every self-loathing Jew I ever met or heard of was anti-Semetic. I never met a Jew that didn’t hate everybody on the planet. Clean up your own hatred, and leave everybody else’s lives alone. They are not your lives to manipulate.

You’ve run the longest, largest hustle on the planet in the history of the human race.

It’s over. Learn to get along with people. You don’t own anybody.

The arrogance.

Anti-Defamation Jews defame people they don’t like.

What do you call a person who isn’t a Jew in the English language that people are familiar with? A not Jew? Nobody should have to say or differentiate?

Then why seek a Jewish majority in Palestine by importing enemies of Palestinians as settlers to take Palestinian land? Why not give them Jewish land? Is there such a thing? A Jew can own a building if they pay for it? So they’re really taking Jewish land and giving it to Jewish settlers imported from Russia in Palestine?

Who did the Jews pay for the land they took without consent? How much did the Russian settlers pay the Jews for Palestinian land? It was theirs? Why did the Palestinians flourish on that land if it belonged to the Jews? The Palestinians dropped out of the sky? Why should it belong to the Russians?

You better start working on your story. Your mumble jumble tactics aren’t working any more.


Madison Avenue is fickle. You don’t own them either, so stop acting like you do.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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