Neeki Gilani You’re a racist POC who calls black people “animals”.

Author AFC BULL Market Test Kitchen By CHEF Davies-Tight, The Animal-Free Chef

We’re all animals. You just can’t accept it. You want to be superior to everybody else. Well you’re not. Neither is anybody.

The universe won’t let anyone defy who they really are. An animal can’t be a stone or the sky or a star. It’s called the animal kingdom, of which humans are a part – one species.

I was shocked that so many black people objected to and denied their true animal nature. They want society to accept them as natural, except in that one glaringly obvious natural state.

Rejecting your true animal status puts you at a disadvantage. It’s not as if you can have an animal-change like humans can change their gender.

You’re a human animal and that’s that. That you hate anyone who recognizes their true animal commonality with all other humans, means you hate yourself.

Animals within the animal kingdom are different species, not different races. There are different races within the human species.

Sharon’s Comment: Black Lives Terrorists on Facebook demanded that vegans put their lives before animal lives – OTHERWISE THEY WOULDN’T TURN VEGAN.

I, for one, said I can’t and won’t do that. ALL LIVES MATTER. However, I would do something even better. Although they didn’t think they were included I showed them they were. “ALL ANIMALS HAVE THE CAPACITY TO LOVE, INCLUDING BLACK PEOPLE.” I’m not going to demand of them that they recognize their animal nature, before I include them in a public way as worthy of equal treatment and rights under the law.

The human animal is the most vicious animal on the planet, wiping out billions of other animals daily for food, clothing, shelter, and entertainment, when none of it is necessary.

Black Lives don’t matter any more than anybody else’s life. But they do matter as much as anybody else’s. Black Africans need to come to terms with their own violent society-disrupting behaviors and learn to live in calm rather than chaos. The world cannot adjust standards of morality to accommodate immorality.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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