RE: Mexico arrests violent gang leader known for emotive videos

Mexico arrests violent gang leader known for emotive videos

8.3.2020  Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

“Of course, we have to continue addressing the root causes of the violence, first, that poverty be eliminated,” said López Obrador, adding “second, that there be no more corruption,” noting that gangs like Yépez Ortiz’s could not have grown into such a problem without “the complicity, the cooperation of local and state authorities.”

Sharon’s comment:

Poverty isn’t the root cause of the existence of organized crime. Many more poor people than not don’t steal or buy stolen goods.

People want to get rich quick without much effort. Police and politicians take graft and look the other way to allow organized crime to exist. They make living wages. What’s their excuse?

Maybe developing a social conscience and a code of ethics might make everybody a little wealthier and happier. The only reason the pipelines were tapped and fuel given to the rural people was to keep their mouths shut about their other activities. Even if they could purchase all the oil they needed themselves, they’d still take the freebies, if they knew they could get away with it. But many more wouldn’t. They know it’s not theirs, and they know the strings attached aren’t worth it.

People come to America, supposedly the richest nation on earth to follow a dream – a dream of wealth, not work. They’re disappointed when one needs to know the language to get a decent job, and even then, one needs to be skilled and know the territory. 

Even so, most end up sending most of what they make back to their country of origin, so the ones who take the payoffs spoil the economic lives of everybody else. How can one expect to support a family here, and a multitude of families back home? It’s unrealistic.

Why does the USA allow cartels to flourish in the USA? Police and politicians are no different here than in Mexico. They take payoffs. And look where we are. Just like Mexico.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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