Somebody sent me a message re: Antifa attacks on 4th of July

I printed it.

I don’t take chances. There’s usually elements of truth in most fake news. That’s what makes it believable. There were some loud singular booms that startled me they sounded so close – and I’m seven stories up with windows closed. No bomb, just some rogue tenants who weren’t going to let anybody tell them they couldn’t use fireworks that were banned on the premises.

Two African guys had a big laugh and shared a few fist bumps when they startled the old white guy walking the long path to the door using his walker. Almost fell, but he didn’t. I know of one of the guys; the other was probably his visiting son.

We live in a climate where no matter the story it’s considered fake by one political party or another. I’m not on that political bandwagon. The president doesn’t really run the country, the CIA does. I didn’t print it as a news story, but as a message sent to me. I did not alter it, even the political part that called people unpatriotic if they didn’t pass it.

Once I printed it, I knew it would get to the right people for scrutiny, regardless of the department. Antifa supporters and followers and members are still at large. Just because the government listed them as a terror organization doesn’t mean they stopped their activity. That’s not how terror organizations work, of which I’m sure you are keenly aware. You calling it crap will not change my further actions. Is Terri Redding Sutton your real name?

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