Raising Up The Criminal? Why?

Ever notice that groups who fight for their own, almost always fight for the rights of criminals to commit crimes with impunity? Why not fight for the honest people, the ones who aren’t thieves and rapists who terrorize neighborhoods?

It’s always the criminals they want out of jail. Why the focus on only them? The ones who learn to live among others and be respectful of everybody’s space aren’t also poor?

These activists make it sound like or look like all poor people are criminals. Although there are crime-based cultures, not all who live within these cultures are criminally minded. 

Being poor doesn’t have a lot to do with integrity or the lack of integrity. It really doesn’t have much to do with the family either, since most kids, poor, in between or rich, pretty much raise themselves. And sometimes they help raise Mom and Dad and their sisters and brothers too.

These so-called social engineers and planners who make the social rules for everybody and every group do that from statistics – and who among us hasn’t been a victim to those interpretations put into effect?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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2 thoughts on “Raising Up The Criminal? Why?

    1. We were essentially poor. But we didn’t act poor. Not many did. A lot of what I see that’s disheartening is the lack of ingenuity and integrity. There are always some in the neighborhood who don’t respect boundaries. But these days it’s the majority of the neighborhood. If I don’t have a lawn chair I sit on the ground. I don’t steal the neighbor’s chair.

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