RE: Michelle Obama Racism As First Lady: ‘White People Don’t Even See Me’

Michelle Obama Speaks Out About Facing Racism As First Lady: ‘White People Don’t Even See Me’

She just doesn’t get it. Why the need for every white to notice every black person who crosses their paths?

White people don’t look for the same attention that black people do. Staring at someone, or looking someone in the eye just for the heck of it, is considered by most white people to be creepy. They don’t like it when people stare, and black people do a lot of it. They are always trying to make eye contact – with complete strangers.

What’s the point of it?

It’s a difference in culture, that one might have thought she would have gotten by now. It’s not racism.

It’s hard to believe she would even think much less say that.

What’s so exhausting? Her never-ending need to be recognized 24/7 by white people?

Do white people make that demand of black people? See me. See me. It’s pathetic.

Stop demanding everyone’s attention, because of your skin. White people have skin too and I for one am tired of being attacked for it.

Talk about privilege. First Lady still complaining about her horrible life?

Stop trying to own white people and controlling what they think, say and do.

White people don’t want nor do they need masters.

Try being nice without a condition or benefit attached to it. Anger is exhausting. White people don’t owe you anything.

And no, you can’t have my house. You have millions of dollars and more than one home. You took mine and I only had one. Now I’m in public housing. You stole every used car I had, Now I take the bus.

Maybe people don’t like you because of your condescending attitude toward white people.

Why would you tell white people that they can’t move from a neighborhood when black people move in and take it over? People have a right to live where they want to live. If you trash my neighborhood, I won’t feel comfortable living there. Why would you want white people to lower their standards for black people who trash neighborhoods? Would you?

Why don’t you give me one of your houses and cars and bank accounts?

So you thought by being rich and famous, that everyone would love you? Like you anyway. Nobody likes rich and famous people. How could you not know that?

Even the rich and famous don’t like the rich and famous.

And this made news for you. Stooping a little too low to get attention by beating up white people in the press is my view.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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