Black Lives Terrorists Hijack Veganism

Black Lives Terrorists Hijack Veganism As A Strategy To Increase Their Numbers And Obtain Free Socio-Economic Benefits

Black Lives Destroy Veganism by Associating Their Violent Strategies With The Animal Rights Movement

Bartering with the lives of other animals to achieve your own goals is extortion and wholly unethical.

Vegans are people for the ethical treatment of animals.

Putting animals on the negotiating table to be slaughtered or not slaughtered, depending on whether the ethical people will or won’t endorse Black Lives Matter and condemn All Lives Matter is unethical at its core.

By telling vegan organizations that Black Lives will go vegan if the Vegan Movement endorses Black Lives Matter is putting the animals up for slaughter if the ethical movement does not comply with the demand.

Never ever put an animal’s life on the line or on the table or on the block as a bartering tool to achieve anything.

Black Lives Matter Terrorists have darkened the vegan movement with their pledge, by making vegans believe that their support of Black Lives Matter will result in Black Africans becoming vegan.

By associating so closely with a terror organization that threatens to keep wearing fur and eating animals until White cops stop killing Black Africans in the commission of a crime and until Black justice is achieved, those vegan organizations are also labeled terrorist groups.

Know in advance that by nature of terrorism, those groups never concede on anything. So your chances of flipping Black animal-abusers by joining their terror group is zero. While at the same time, once you’re labeled a terrorist, it never leaves you.

So, Black Lives cared nothing about the animals or the long steady progressive and productive journeys and achievements of the animal rights movement, when they made a strategical decision to draw vegans into their terror group based on a lie.

ALL LIVES MATTER is the only all-inclusive ethical standard for all animals.

It is nobody’s turn if it’s not everybody’s turn. Everybody gets recognized. This ‘one group over another group’ is why the world is in such a mess.

Taking turns does not work well for groups nor individuals. Somehow some individuals and groups never get their turn.

Violence cannot be an accepted strategy for change. It is unethical.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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