RE: Warning, graphic video: Florida carjacking caught on security camera


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 10.03.2020

Nothing will happen to the assailants of the man and the stealers of his car. Same as in Cleveland. The government gives them carte blanche to steal whatever they want. The legacy of slavery they claim. Since when were Hispanics slaves? Oh right, they’re brown so they get included. I still don’t get the brown part.

One guy has his pants practically down to his knees. Where do they get the guns? You mean their families don’t know they’re hiding guns in their bedrooms?

So the title should have read unarmed old white man gets pulled from his car, shot and his car hijacked by two brown black Hispanic youths? Pretending to be white? Is this what teenagers look like in 2020?

No story attached, so it will probably be taken down. If a white kid did it, it’d be all over the news. This was yesterday’s news, yet still no story.

It’s time for equal time and for the news agencies to stop the biased writing in favor of black and brown criminals and against law abiding white people. Ageism is in play here. Wait till these racist ageist writers get old.

The news outlets will claim that they don’t want to incite violence by saying a white kid or white man was unarmed and attacked by black and/or brown people. So instead they incite violence toward white people. That’s discrimination.

Seems like they’re operating from half a brain. A danger to society are these racist ageist writers. Turns out the news writers claiming others to be racists are racist themselves. Ever wonder why almost all the news these days falls in the category of opinion news reporting?

A thief is a thief. An assailant is an assailant. Using a firearm in the commission of a crime needs to be outlawed no matter the race or color or age.

Because there’s no story, viewers have to fill in the blanks of what happened themselves.

When a story is supplied, then they get into the history of the offenders, used usually to exonerate them from their offenses. Unless they’re white, and then the mantra is ‘convict before they’re even charged’.

Source: Warning, graphic video: Florida carjacking caught on security camera

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