Armed groups say they will show up at polling sites on Election Day


It’s hypocritical for the government to allow Black Lives Terrorists to decimate cities months on end without any repercussions with no will to stop it, yet when law abiding people want to feel safe to vote, the government gets all upset, thinking it might intimidate people.

Do you think burning cities intimidates people? No? What is wrong with the United States government that they can’t see that law abiding people are being terrorized in their own homes – on their own streets, all over social media, by the terrorists who are burning cities?

How is that okay yet people showing up with a right to bear arms to protect the process is not okay?

Because they’re white they’re not allowed?

It’s time the government woke up to reality. No one is discriminating against black people. They’re the ones discriminating against white people by scaring them back into their homes so they won’t come out to vote.

I don’t know what country I’m living in.

Do we the citizens of the USA even have the right to vote any more? Oh, so long as we vote for who Black Lives and Antifa want to get into office?

Don’t you think Antifa and Black Lives Terrorists will be there with their bricks and flame throwers?

I want to vote in peace. Black lives will be protesting in intimidation mode. Up in people’s faces, shouting at them. Don’t people have personal space that’s theirs? Two inches from my face?

Better to have the guns showing. I don’t have a gun. I shouldn’t need one. That the government and law enforcement allows Black Lives and Antifa to brutalize people and property is why the real peace-seekers need to be protected. Law enforcement and the government won’t do it; they protect the terrorists instead.

What country does that?

Source: Armed groups say they will show up at polling sites on Election Day – Business Insider

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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